Massages with Martine Goujon

A new service at the blue shade of the fig tree!

How about taking advantage of your stay with us to take even better care of yourself?

Martine Goujon offers massages by appointment, at her office or comes to us, at your convenience.

Indian massage* with hot oils
Soft, relaxing and energizing, from the feet to the scalp, it stimulates circulation, loosens the muscles, calms the nervous system and softens the skin.
The oils used are organic.

Belly massage*
Derived from Chi nei tsang, it focuses on the breath and the abdominal parts, promotes energy circulation, helps relieve tension and digestive problems, particularly due to stress. It revitalizes and calms the nervous system and can also promote emotional releases.

Traditional Thai massage*
Your body relaxes, forgets stress, your mind calms down. An art of letting go and a range of approaches: stretching, mobilization and compression. A deep massage that is received fully clothed and on the ground.

Massage at your place of stay
1h: 55 €
1h15: 67 €
Duo sessions 2X45 min:88 €

Martine has been a body relaxologist since 2004

And graduated, trained in India, Thailand and France.

To make an appointment or information:

Martine Goujon

Please note that for this new service, you will pay the service directly to Martine, the blue shade of the fig tree taking no commission.